Henley Passport index report 2023 news

The Henley Passport Index is the original, authoritative ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa.

The Henley Passport Index compares the visa-free access of 199 different passports to 227 travel destinations. If no visa is required, then a score with value = 1 is created for that passport. The same applies if you can obtain a visa on arrival, a visitor’s permit, or an electronic travel authority (ETA) when entering the destination.

Recently the organization has generaed the powerful passport report for 2023. According to Henley Passport Index: The world’s most powerful passport for 2023, Japan Tops List, India ranks on 85th position 

Japan tops the powerful passport report for 2023 In a row-

Japan once again has the world’s most powerful passport for 2023, an honor the country has held for five years in a row. Japanese passport holders can visit 193 different destinations around the world visa-free, according to the Henley Passport Index.

Top 10 Country and their respective positions in the list are given below-

  1. Japan
  2. Singapore and South Korea
  3. Germany and Spain
  4. Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg
  5. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden
  6. France, Ireland, Portugal, and the U.K.
  7. Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the U.S.
  8. Australia, Canada, Greece, and Malta
  9. Hungary and Poland
  10. Lithuania and Slovaki

Indian passport in the list- as per the report, the Indian passport ranks 85th in the world’s most powerful passport index 2023 and gives visa-free entry to 59 destinations worldwide. As per this report we can visit 59 country in this world without having Visa.The country holds much more rank in the list their chances of visiting other countries in the world increase without visa as they holds more power in terms of passport index.

Its analyzes on many basis of mobility score, which is calculated the total number of counries that can be easily accessed with a given passport It is a calculated total based on Visa-free, Visa-on-arrival, eTA, and eVisa issued within 3 days.

Indias Neighbouring countries- the report having 106th position for Pakinstan, Srilanka is at 87th position, Afghanistan is at the bottom of the list its position in the list is 193 which makes to to the last in the report.

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