Adani group losses $48 billion in two days news

After the Hindenburg report which was shared on 24th January, claiming that they were holding a short position on the Adani stcoks, which signals that the shares are overpriced and will dip in value soon- on Adani Group. Since from then shares are continusouly decreasing and within two days Adani Group have lost approximately $48 billion according to some resources.

Adani Group shares fell as much as 8% on wednessday. A statement issued by a group executive said that volatility created by the report in the stock market had led to unwanted anguish for indian citizens. Since when the report shared it broke the internet and as it was against one of the biggest rich persone in the world.

Due to the decreasing the shares of Adani Group, holders are very nervous and are in trouble as they have loses much amount. Share markets are low which is also abig reason for share holders to take a pause as the getting worsen day by day.

According to some resources Adani Group may take action against the Hindenburg Report because of the big loss in the market, they may file defamation case against the report.

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